A fog has rolled in,
Covering life in a haze.
Nothing can be seen,
Nothing but the maze.

All has become a blurr,
Sur-realism takes hold.
Reality has escaped,
Death becomes bold.

Silent despair grips the soul,
Hopelessness abounds.
All has become dark,
Morbidity comes around.

Is there anyone who understands?
Is anyone out there listening?
Does anyone really care?
Is there such a thing as salvation?

Death over takes
Silence prevails
Blackness surrounds
The coldness premeates our very souls.

Where shall we go from here?

Back into light?
Back into the noise?
Surrounded by light?
Where warm erases the chill of this night?

Why go back into what feels like HELL?
To the suffering of the mind,
To the torture of the body,
To the horrific torment of our souls?

Why does love get scorned at all turns?
Why does joy and happieness get spurned?
Why does all that is worth living for get banned?
Why are we all searching for what is right in front of us?
When shall we learn?

By Black*Rose

I'm 16, 5'3", long blond hair with a few other colors blended in, my eyes change colors to my emotions. I'm a nice girl when you don't piss me off.