Distessed Imagination

Walking in a room of blackEyes of yellow and red follow you Like hawks in the nightYou walk further and further into The bright lightAs you step in to a door colored in redYou feel tension in your veins spreadYour mind is in wonder, this pain In your head you feel so alive…But you might be deadSilence clouds your ears You have no powerThe taste in your mouth So sweet but sourAs you walk deeper in this placeYou hear laughter of children but Screams of hateWhat is this place you dread to seeIs it a dream or a warlock fantasy?Who lives in a world of darkness and sorrow?Who lives today but not to see tomorrow?You look at this statue, oh what a sightColossal in size and gigantic in height You climb the beast to sit atopTo see the one eye of the CyclopsYou leave and strive to get out of this placeYou cry out weeps as tears roll down your faceSweat is rolling down your back like rivers It is cold and weary your skin begins to quiverYou trip over a rock and begin to fall fastYou scream and cry and hope that it will passYou see the ground coming aheadBut then you wake up sound and safe in your bed