Do you KNOW who you are?

In the light of the recent article by shedsredtears, (Late 90’s Goth Explosion) I posted a link. ( ) that I have pointed MANY people to. I have spent a L-O-N-G time being who I am, and I’m happy with it. I KNOW who I am. Do YOU?With the recent transfer of Darksites from one host to another, we saw a LOT of whining. From WHOM? Goths? Vamps? Anonymous?People who don’t even READ the main page. GO to the link….learn a little. Decide who/what YOU are. (Whether or not you LIKE labels, they exist so we know what things/people ARE…).MoreHDJ

By HeathenDJ

A DJ in Northwestern NJ Started with numan/buggles/twins/a-ha/haircut100/etc. NOW, it's:SBS/Haus/oil/gulls/car/spahn/ Post-Apocalyptic 80's stuff BT-DT, very old & wisened, In the ways of the world, and otherwise.