Doesn’t deserve this life

Why is she this way? Why do people treat her like shes useless? She’s not useless. She have feelings, She have a soul. Because people treat her like this. this is why she hate the world, or at least she thinks she do. She’s not really sure what she hates or likes. All her life is is music and a fantasy world that she made up with a friend, and they both talk about how much they wish to live in it, and that it was real. Their both angry with the world, they both hate their families, or at least her friend does, and well, she doesn’t really know anymore. she doesn’t feel loved anymore, all she feel is abuse. To her family, or at least her dad all she is is trailor trash. Sometimes, when she was a little girl, around the ago of 13, she realized her life was this way, and she didn’t understand what was wrong with her, she would cry herself to sleep everynight. In school, she was a good student, always doing her homework and never bothered anybody, but still, her life turned out this way, she knew she didn’t deserve the abuse she was put in. No one would explain to her anything, all she was told was to shut up. So she did. Shes a quiet girl now, she a mysterious girl, that pushed people away from her, only her friend knows the real her, or at least thats what her friend thinks. Her family also thinks they know her, but they know absoluetly nothing about her. Everyone that isn’t her friend, sees her as a shy quiet girl, who doesn’t know how to talk really, but why should she? she has nothing to say, and if she did, would they listen? no they wouldn’t she has learned this years before. So she just gives up. She hates her life, and how shes running it, even if shes running it. She’s never thought about killing herself, she would have the courage to. But she talks about death a lot with people, but it feels like shes talking to herself. She decided to just go along with this abuse and lonelyness, and just see how it turns out for herself, and, that’s all she can do. Because no body will help her in any other way, they say they care, but she knows they really don’t

By WickedHeart

Theres really nothing to me....just pain