Don’t Complain

Be thankful you’re in a society which even has Goths. Where i’m from, Singapore, Asia, its nothing but culture, culture, culture. Well, heck! I mean, we don’t even have a right to dress the way we want. Its like, you wanna wear something outrageous, most likely, you’re going out to club. There’s no way you’re gonna walk around the mall in goth outfits. Stares, gossip, insults. It never ends. People think you’re just following the west, you wanna be American. Its fucked up! Well, hell, so what if i’m dressed in black or don’t look like your average Singaporeans, fuck it. I wanna be me, lemme be me. Get this, when the police pass by you, the apprehend you saying shit like, “you wanna join the next freak show?” I mean like, leave me alone. You ain’t me, heck, you dun even know me! They don’t know whats goth about. Being goth is what the society make you. Even before being goth, you’re outcasts, so why not just be an outcast totally?!! They see shit like this and they think we wanna attract attention. Hell, attention from who? From what? We don’t need attention. We despise it! For those goths, remain goth. Don’t change cuz the world wants you to. Fuck the World!

By Lady Goth

Goth gal from Asia whom the society doesn't give a fuck about........... And I dun give a fuck about them either............