Don’t give them the POWER!!!

(Gothic) Do you know why people lable us? Think about it. A lot of people take it too harshly and it makes them feel bad about themselves or whatever. You know what that does? IT GIVES THE PEOPLE WHO LABLE US POWER!!! That is why they do it. It makes them feel like they have the power and if you let it effect you then they DO have the power. Why do you wanna give that to them? Take the power away from them and rub it in their faces. If they call you a “freak” then say “thank you I take that as a complement”. They may think that they still have the power for just calling you whatever they did but really if you say “thank you” then you have the power. And who cares what they think anyway? if they wanna spend their time to insult you them let them but don’t spend your time worrying about what they said just walk away and let them laugh amongst themselves while you walk away with the pride that you’ve earned from taking their power away from them! And as for us labling them, well yes, we do call them stupid preps or jocks or whatever but we dont spend our time trying to make them feel miserable (or at least I dont). Labling may seem wrong but think of it as this way: If you saw a prep walking down the street or in the mall you lable or judge them as someone that you probably wouldn’t talk to or relate to. but if you saw someone that was dressed like you then you might think hey they look like someone that i would get along w/ or whatever. You see when you first see someone what they are wearing is all you have to tell you something about them. Is that so bad? I dont think so, but what is bad is if you hold your first impression of them w/out allowing it to change. What if the person that dressed like you was nothing like you except for the way that they dressed. Say you liked heavy metal and they (hopefully not considering that if they dressed like i do) liked n’sync. You probably wouldnt get along. So you should be open minded to anyone and not hold first impressions cause they tend to change. People lable poeple and will always do so until the end of our race but HOW we lable each other is the way that life can be made better. So don’t try to fight being labled because you probably do it to and it won’t ever change but don’t be one of the people who labels someone and uses it against them. Just keep it to yourself or use it as a way to describe them but don’t make fun of them for it because then you’re being just as bad as the ones who get their enjoyment out of calling you a “freak”. is that what you want? to get your enjoyment out of calling someone a name? I know that that isnt what I want out of my life.