Don’t You Find it Funny?

Maybe it’s just me, but don’t you find it funny how everyone seems to want to be different, and when they finally are they bitch and moan about how no one accepts them? I laugh when people say they no longer want to conform themselves to the shallow mold of society, yet cry when all of the clones wont let them graze in their field. Don’t you get it? You wanted to be different so you could finally be your own…finally have something worth living for–yourself. And yet you belive that if you say bitter things and sulk in the shadows of the sun that you will be free? That your trendy black lipstick and screaming pop bands will make you loved by making you hated? HA! I love you guys… You’re my reason for living, becuase none of us know how to live, and that’s the gist of humanity. Pretty mundane, huh?

By Clouded Silver

What the hell am I suppose to say about myself? No one knows me...I barely know me. But feel free to talk to me alone; it just seems awkward trying to talk to myself...not that I don't do it already.