Down to hell

Where does the road lead ?
Only six hundred and sixty six miles from here.
How much does it take you to believe,
That people only live in fear ?

Can’t you see that right now
Something is happening
Can’t you see how
Everything’s drowning
Now that you’re gone
Now that you’re gone
And there ain’t nothing gonna stop me
From going down
From going down
To hell where I first came from
To where I laid my head
Upon the devil’s shoulder
Won’t you believe me
Believe me now
I just can’t get used to it
I was so sure we’d make it
Together forever
Together forever
But now I can see
That was all you meant to me
So go on, let me die in peace
Shake love’s hand and eat at it’s feast
‘Cause love and hate don’t matter much
And so neither do life and death
I just wanted you to love me
I’m going down to hell
I’m going down to hell….


By LifeisDeath

I live Death...