Dream 1

The Dream pulls me into itself, like the cold waters submerge a drowning man, forcing its way down his throat, past his lips into his lungs, pouring up his nose, and surrounding his eyes in their sockets. The Blackness greets me.

Pain: it explodes through my body, a torrent jarring open my eyes. It lances up from so many places, all mingling into one throbbing beat of pain marching along next to my own heart’s beat. Barbed wire surrounds my wrists, the thorns jamming into my flesh grating against bone. The wire secures my arms fast to the jagged rock cross, binding me to it. More of the tearing metal rope ensnares my legs, wrapped around my ankles so the barbs can bite into the tender joint, insinuating themselves between the bone. And again around my thighs sticking into the muscles there, holding my lower body tight to the cross. Another band is wrapped several times around my lungs and chest, slamming against the cruel with every breath I take, making each more painful than the last as the thorns stick into the spaces between my ribs and refuse to pull out. The cruelest is a necklace of the barbed wire around my throat, dozens of needles shooting into my Adam’s apple and windpipe, drops of blood like jewels sparkle from amongst the metal as more drips down my neck. The last coils are found around my head, a crown of metal thorns which sting the flesh, turning my dark hair an even darker scarlet. Any movement from a labored breath to the crooking of a finger pulls forth the pain of metal piercing flesh and grinding against bone.
Finally, through the pain, I’m able to slowly make out shadows moving beyond the light. Suddenly one comes towards me, its taloned hand reaching up towards my face, its nails grown long and dark making them into black claws. They grasp the flesh just below and above my eye, forcing it open against my will. Groggily, I make out the long rusted nail descending towards my enlarged orb. I try to scream, but the act of filling up my lungs, smashing them against my barbed bonds, rocks my body with pain. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, the clawed hand and the nail descend. Pausing, a heartbeat just above the eyeball before continuing on at that maddening pace. The nail pierces my eye, my body in defense tries to slam closed the eyelids, but the hand holding my face denies it: the nail continues on through the orb. The pain growing! I can feel it erupting out of the back, and into the socket behind. The sliver of metal doesn’t stop there, but continues on until the point is lodged into the gray matter of my mind. The process is repeated with my other eye: eyeball, socket, brain.
Only now, blind, my body racked by so many sources of pain do I find the strength to scream, an ear splitting soul-wrenching wail. The scream causes the pain to double and triple, which in turn causes my screams to double and triple. Finally my screams die, taking my strength with them, and I hang limply in my bonds, the coils biting into my skin and bone as they support me. I don’t feel them, no longer do I feel 6 distinct points of pain, they’ve all merged into a great ocean, and with every heartbeat I am pulled below the pounding waves.
Suddenly a new sensation, something cold and sharp is placed against my chest, above the heart. Blind, I cannot see what it is. A quick burst of wind and a whoosh of air precede the clang of metal against metal, then the spike is sent plunging down through my body to lodge deep into my heart. The world erupts in pain, is replaced by the Pain. The pain is never-ending, an existence unto itself. But slowly it does fade and me along with it.

I awake from the Dream, like a drowning man escaping the Ocean, clawing and dragging his way up to the surface only to be sucked back down…