Trapped inside my own head
With nothing but my dreams to comfort me
I know the pain of the madman for he lives inside of me
I’ve felt the strength of my demons and others
And my weakness of self-preservation
And hope…..hope
Hey, parents do you know where your children are tongiht? Are they locked away inside themselves?
Are there minds slipping or just their hearts?
Mama Hen…..Mama Hen…..
The fox has taken your baby again
Precious minds are a shame to waste
Memories are forgotten in haste
I am losing all that is me and gaining all this new pain.
It acts as animal yet speaks as God, comforts me like a best friend, and loves me like its child.
I am its child.
An innocent child ready for its teachings.
Ready to do what is told of me,
Believing all that is said to me,
taking it all in,
And living off my damned dreams.

By sweetdreams21

I have been writting for a while and I thought I should finally start to post them. i'm 16 without a job or boyfriend.