Well , here i am , watching all my best friends getting happyer and happyer every day…..

But what about me ? I care about my friends a lot , but they keep rising and i keed going down….

I’m tired of seeing other people living they’re greams , i mean i am happy for them , but they keep coming to me and telling me just how incredibley happy they are…and i can even see it on theyre faces , but why come to me ? They see that i am a nostalgic person myself , do they think i need to hear just how happy they are ? do i need to know that they are living theyre dream , and i am NOT ?…..
…….No , i don’t.i don’t want to be reminded of my bad karma.

Every hope i had , every dream i had , never came true , and by the looks of it , they never will either…..
I can’t even concieve how it is to be trully happy , most of my life i’ve been mostley sad or careless , is this my karma ? To just watch as others live theyre dream while i see mine destroyed ? Is this it ? Is this the reason i was born ? If it is so , than my karma is making fun of me …..and i am very pissed off

If you guys ever make it , if you ever get to live your dream , don’t share it with others , you’ll make them more sad than happy , more sad than you know…..maybe i am just jeous…

By Aishiteru

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