~Dreams So Real~

I feel as if i am in another world when i go to sleep. My dreams so real. I can feel the pain of the animals and beasts ripping my flesh apart. I scream out for help but no one answers. I wake up in a cold sweat afraid to move. I look around and see i am in my room, in my bed. I hold onto my pillow tight as i cry. So scared to go back to sleep, afraid that these creatures will come for me again. Why me ? Why must i feel this pain, this hell ? Is this what my future holds for me ? Or is this what happened to me in another life ? Oh god, i just wish someone would make it go away that’s all i ask. Just to be able to sleep at night without these dreams, nightmares. Some one just make them stop b4 i kill myself! Xx_CrAzYGyRL_xX


  1. You should see a dream specialist, or something. Recurring nightmares are a legitimate psychological problem and you need and deserve help for them.

  2. i know how you feel the dreams become reality.
    I wish they would stop but now they are part of me.

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