I can’t keep this small forever,
with faith tied to floating wood
-en broken wings,
but they’re beating still, but not still at all,

see the eyes of tiny men,
paper tigers, all of them,
just you catch me if you can,
but you can’t, so let me fall

keep the looks i give you,
they’re my gifts as i continue,
dropping faster through the water,
can i hold my breath for that much longer?

the smiles that you give,
so wickedly you grin,
draw me to the water’s edge,
and i’ll learn, but not just yet,
a smile like that, on such a pretty face,
means anything but affection,
when it’s from a Cheshire Cat…

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By Panic9

who gives a shit? it's not as though if i write a bunch of random facts down here, you will know me.