here i sit. typing on this screen. this empty screen.empty like my life had been without you.all i have left to do is breathe deep this darkness that envelopes my soul. to drown in the sea of pain that is the life i live. i miss you so much i feel like slicing my eyes out with razorblades .without you the world is a dark and lonely place.filled with nothing but conformists and hypocryts that only care about being perfect.but they arent perfect.you are.when i met you i thought you were the only one who cared about me. but now i see that you dont. but i kant say i blame u.whats the point of karing if all it brings iz pain.all it does is bring us deeper into the darkness that konsumes us.but despite the pain ill never forget u. ur the reason y i keep goin.i wuz born the day i luvd u. and my love for you will keep me alive forever.

By demonoid666

im a goth kid who is pretty much alone and hates my whole dam preppy fu**in town