“Dude, Where’s My Car” Will it be the next cult classic?

I have to say this movie was not what I expected it to be when I walked into that theater – I was expecting a Dumb & Dumber remake – No, it was something different – This movie went places I could have never taken it – It is a work of art – I laughed my ass off at that flick – Of course I saw it opening night, so the theater was packed with the typical group of people – Jocks, prep’s, & their girlfriends – Most everyone in the theater was laughing ’bout the same points in the movie, but something else happened that still sticks in my mind.

That scene in the movie where Jesse & Chester drive up beside Fabio, well that’s where the magic happens – You know what I’m talking ’bout – They Kiss each other to show up Fabio & his bodacious babe beside him – Well done I thought, still, some in the audiance did not agree with this scene, & a few Men that I’m guessing weren’t comfortable with themselves left the theater – All because they saw two guys kissing – Anyway, it was too bad that they had to miss the 50 foot woman alien at the end, which was one of the biggest pantie shots in all movie history! Their loss – So I guess what I really want to know is, how many people out there think that this movie will be considered a cult classic? I could say more, but I’d like to get others opinions ’bout this –

By The Evil Cheezman

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  1. I’ll agree with the showing up Fabio scene and the amazon chick was pretty cool…and there were some scenes I was laughing at. I like Christopher Ashton Kutcher…he is a riot on “That 70’s Show… But I would say wait for video:)

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