Due Punishment

So many opportunities are hurled at me.
Some, I take for granted, and some I choose not to see.
I cannot handle this pressure,
But yet you see me and do it with pleasure.
Don’t you understand that I’m not deserving?
I care only to be left alone in my own suffering.
Please take it to someone else, someone worthy.
I cannot give you a sound decision without worry.
You see, it is not you whom I fear;
I can easily make this all so very clear.
Running from myself is what I do best,
Leaving you behind along with all the rest.
In doing so, I let no one in,
To be sure that it’s kept secret that I live in my own sin.
I have no conception of love, nor of higher being.
I am forever a fallen angel, constantly fleeing.
I seek solace in my own misery.
I’m no more than an immortal lost soul for eternity.

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By PrisonerOfMyOwnWill

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