There are two names that keep popping up in regards to who will take over the role of Freddy Krueger. Like Bruce Campbell with Ash, it seems that Robert Englund is done with playing Freddy. (He need not be. Any action sequences would be taken care of by stuntmen, and the fact that Mr. Englund has a few more wrinkles then he did in the 80s when he originated the role won’t matter at all under all that makeup. There’s no reason he couldn’t be 80 years old and still playing Freddy.) If we can’t have Robert Englund back, then, who would be the next best thing? Jackie Earle Haley did fine in the role in the remake. The problem for him was, he had to follow Englund, and his performance was doomed to pale by comparison.

There are two other names, though, two other actors who supposedly have expressed interest in playing Mr. Krueger. Kevin Bacon and Bill Moseley. Honestly I would be just fine with either of them. They have the chops, more than the chops, for it. Bacon does an amazing bad guy, and Moseley, we know what he can do in that kind of role. Cast either one of these dudes, give Robert Englund a cameo, a chance to pass the razored glove, and I’ll be a happy Horror fanboy.