each morning

I can’t help but gaze at you;
I can see that you’re staring off into infinite space
You’re looking out the window
Your head is resting on the pane

Your icy-blue eyes show weariness
Your face is solemn
Your lips, a straight bitter line
Your shoulders are sagging
Your tense body illustrates your mood
This must be your lobotomized state
Your thoughts are unknown to me
But I can see that you’re down
I wish I could give you more,
Something to ease the hurt I see in your eyes
Something more than just friendship,
But love is not what we seek
Love wouldn’t be enough,
It wouldn’t heal your wounded soul,
It wouldn’t satisfy my hungered one
I can’t help but adore you,
This feeling is just one of the aches I suffer
The growing passion I feel for you,
It’s the one thing in my life that remains constant
Just like this:
Me, gazing you…

(I dont think its very good at all, but it helped me get that “something” out there…)