Ebony and Eric…Everlasting Love

Holding eachother closely, Ebony and Eric gazed deeply into one another’s eyes.

Eric was very dark: dark, wavy, shoulder length hair; dark green eyes; and tanned skin. Ebony was very elegant looking: long, flowing, golden hair; emerald green eyes; and the fairest skin.

They made quite the pair. Both were eye-catchingly gorgeous. Seeing them together could make any person envy them. Whenever their gazes met, their eyes were filled with the look of love. Together forever, is what they used to say.

That is where my story begins…

“My sweet, where have you been?” asked Ebony

“Only into town. Why do you worry so?” was Eric’s reply.

“Five hours in town seems a little long to me.”

“Stop worrying, my dear. What else would I be doing?” he said.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Besides, our anniversary

is in a week. That’s why you were gone so long?” she asked.

“perhaps, my love.” Eric said. He leaned in to kiss her. She pulled herself closer to him. Wrapped in eachother’s arms, they were floating.

Eric went into town the next day. He had to pick up the gift he had gotten for Ebony. It was a gorgeous emerald necklace with a silver chain. He knew that it would look beautiful on her, for it matched her eyes.

Ebony was up to something to, but Eric didn’t suspect a thing. She was hand making him a new cloak(or cape…whatever you wanna call it.) It was being made of crushed velvet and silk, Eric’s two favorite materials.

Finally, the day was there. It was their anniversary, May 2nd. They looked at eachother with love and longing in their eyes.

“You are going to love what I got you.” they said simultaniously. There was a short period of laughter.

“You first.” Ebony said.

“Ahh…my sweet, but it’s ladies first!”

“Fine. A compromise…we’ll open them at the same time.”

“But of course!” he laughed

They opened their gifts.

Ebony gasped, “This is so gorgeous! I had no idea you would get something like this. Thank you! I love you!” she said excitedly.

“Why, my love…it is the most amazing cloak I have ever seen! I shall be needing this for autumn and winter.” Eric said, with love in his voice.

“My dear, sweet Eric. Do you think that I would only sew a cloak? If you do, my dear, then you don’t know me at all!” Ebony said playfully.

At that moment he reached into a secret pocket that Ebony had sewn into the cloak. It was a clear, small bottle holding a single chiny black stone with a red colored liquid inside.

“The luck stone! And your blood! When did you get this done? I’ve never seen one like it!” Eric said, excitedly.

This was their most wonderful anniversary ever. Both had given the most unexpected gifts possble.

I need not say what happened later that nigh, for I am sure that you have a pretty good idea.

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