Editors Needed

You may or may not have noticed the infrequency of updates. This is not at all due to a lack of submissions. There are currently about 232 submissions awaiting approval. I just can’t keep up with the quantity and frequency due to numerous other obligations. Plain and simple, I need help.

I love these domains and websites, but they’ve been extremely popular and that success has come at a price. I just can’t keep them updated as often as I had wanted. Darkness.com requires the most attention due to its nature as a story and poetry publishing site. Darksites.com is another popular site but I have one person helping me with that one, and she’s done a great job so far. Vampires.com is another that will require someone with a passion for vampires and interested in building a great site. Then I have the dark erotica site that I’m finishing up and may unveil in a month or so.

The ideal helper would be someone with:
– an interest in the darker side of our lives.
– a love for darkness, goth, horror, other.
– an existing website.
– basic html skills.
– plenty of free time.
– interested in free hosting for their site.
– interested in free traffic to their site.
– an icq account.

If you’re interested in helping with this site or any of the other sites above, let me know.


icq 3431124

By Sire

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  1. I would love to help, but I do not have a web site, or an icq account. I do have plenty of free time, and an authentic love for darkness, goth, horror and any other subjects like those. please contact me if you need my help, I’d be more than glad to.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. I would also love to help…i have my own webpage which i did the html for myself, free tiem, and i am (obviously) a vampire freak…hehe ::notice the name:: but i don’t have icq…i do have aim however….but i think i may be able to help! lemme know if i can…

  3. for i have been wondering, what would i have to do to help you, i have skills in the field of 3D design / flash / basic html / some scripting languages. my help could only be randomly because i work on MiDGARD V3, but if you want my help on any field of your website plz contact me @ darkunion_founder@hotmail.com

    hope i hear something from you soon

    regards dark4ngel “darky”

  4. Hey, i would love to help. I have my own website, although i didn’t do any of the fancy programming for it. I did write all the work for it and i have a deep love of dark stories and poems and would love to help with submissions or something like that. If you would like my help contact me at vixodus@hotmail.com

    You can also have a look at my website if you like,



  5. I do not have my own website, or knowledge of html, altho i plan on getting both in the near future. I do, however, have a love for writing, and I offer my help wherever it can be used.


    icq 115145000

  6. Well this is SpitefulGOD listed under the_freak I believe, unfortunatly I have forgotten my password and I’m using vixodus’s cookie, I have knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.net (somewhat)SQL, TSQL, Apache, IIS, ColdFusion, MySQL, MSDE and all the other crap you need, but no wait, hold on a mo… I hate most people and think they’re skum also I’m of the opinion that MSN Messenger leaves ICQ for dust, It’s like Linux to Windows! anywho I’ll pass yoor submission if you want, I don’t need hosting although would be appreciative of the search engine hits on http://www.vixodus.com I may sound a fool but I’m an Ok guy on the sly and love technology anyways think about me and vixodus, although we have no ties to each other she’s a great thinker and knows what she’s on about!

  7. Hmm… Well. I do remember my html classes, since I never forget anything. I prefer MSN over ICQ, since the last ICQ I used did not fit me well. I have plenty of time, and enjoy reading anything. My website is a bit locked down at the moment, but I intend to have one up by tomorrow night. If you need any help with anything, just ask.

  8. Greetings…
    I’m new and I wanted to say hello to people out there who I am pleased to see have similiar views to moi.
    C u around

  9. I will help…I dont have ICQ but I have aol im and I can edit πŸ™‚ I could do some graphics for ya too. Contact me if you need anything.

  10. i have some html knowledge am a huge fan of this site and log on everyday, i have my own site i prefer msn over icq though, but i have exellent editorial skills and have published and edited newspapers and websites before. If you wish for my help just contact me.

  11. Updating has commenced. Some 170 entries await reviewing still, they should be done before the end of this month, if things continue as present… At the time I and another started, there were approximately 230 entries

  12. I’d like to welcome both waterbearer and aeternus, who have agreed to helping out with the backlog.

    Thanks to everyone else who *emailed* me as requested. I will definitely keep you in mind for anything else needed.

  13. I have been a member and often submitter to this website for several years. I have an above average reading level and IQ, a basic understanding of html and other various internet structures. I have an ICQ account, plenty of free time, and would be available to do any tasks deemed “editorial.” I submit this request in the hopes of finding something interesting to do and giving good authors a fair chance on this web site. Thank you.

  14. Hi i am Antonio .. i want to help you .. i donΒ΄t know any html code … but i want to help you my friend .. well .. later ..

  15. I’d love to lend a hand…but…
    I figure i have to get my diploama first!

    2 more years mr. sire sir!
    College is a priority…hehe.

  16. We are done. Waterbearer and I have reduced the number of entries awaiting review to 0… So keep those entries coming now πŸ™‚

  17. *smiles softly at Aeternus and Sire*
    This morning there were almost 20 entries again. I have updated the database. At this point, I believe this can be managed daily without much hassle and the new posts will appear much faster. I have been throughly enjoying reading everything that has been posted. There are some extremely talented people here and I thank you all for sharing that talent. Anyone that needs to email me for information about any editing of their posts may find my e-mail address in my profile.

    ~yours in darkness…. Water

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