elena chapter 1

She turned, the girl with the red hair, to look at me. I was amazed; she looked like a character in a book I had just finished. She was short, and pretty with red curls and a heart-shaped face. I was absolutely blown away when she said her name was Bonnie.

“You have to come with me”, she spoke with a supernatural voice. “You are the only hope my people have.”
I thought she was crazy. What on Earth could I do to help? I didn’t even know what the problem was. “Please, they’re waiting.”
Finally I managed to croak out a few words. “Who? Why me?” I was frightened.
“The Others need you…”

By theLadyElena

don't ask; you don"t want to know


  1. An awfully short chapter isn’t it? I too want to read more. This could be interesting.

  2. it semes this story is not complet like thers more to it at the begenning

  3. yeah, unfortunately, most of the stories on darkness are left unfinished since its sudden shut down.


  4. no. no one seems to know why it shut down. some people have chosen to go to other sites and some have just continued their stories under their old posts.


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