elena chapter 3 + 4

Before I could get a word out she closed the makeshift door and blocked out what light there was. For the first time she looked like a normal, compassionate person. “I’m sorry for all of this, but you are our only hope.”
“What is all of this about?”

“Our world is in trouble. I don’t know how to explain. The others are waiting, and once I bring them out, you’ll understand.” She grabbed a shard of crystal from a candlestand.
She opened the top book in the stack, the first volume in a set of four.
“Give me your hand” she instructed, holding out her own. I just looked at her. “Please! We don’t have much time!” She glanced at a shiny, pink, plastick watch loosely dangling around her wrist. She was becoming exasperated. Thusly, I gave in and stuck out my hand.


She grabbed my hand and sliced my finger with the finely-sharpened, blue crystal. I screamed so loud my lungs burned.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I demanded nursing my new wound.
“Give me your hand… Please!! Yours is the only blood that can bring them!”
“My blood?!” I cried choking on my words. How?! What?! I couldn’t think straight.
“Please! If you don’t, not only will our world cease to exist, but this evil could leak out into your world! The only choice we have is to burn the book, but we need you.” Her sincerity got to me. I decided that since I was already bleeding it wouldn’t hurt to help.
As I held out my hand, I saw a look of relief cross her face before determined concentration consumed her. She dabbed the blood from my finger with a glass quill pen, then she traced several names in the cover of the book…

By theLadyElena

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