Embracing Darkness

She never meant for it to happen. A part of her still rebells against the darkness…that side of her so enamoured of pain, blood, and violence.

She fights a constant battle with her darker side, and somehow ends up giving in no matter what the battle. Sex is her worst enemy, and at once her best lover.
“Love me,” she whispers. “Fuck me harder, love me till i can’t stand any longer.” The man she is with — the fifteenth? twentieth? — groans and rolls over, struggling to regain the erection he has lost three times in the past five hours. He tries to fulfill her, but always cums before he can bring her to orgasm, and she is tired of waiting. As he lies there she reaches over the side of the bed and brings out the ropes permanently attached to the bedposts. She slips the loops over his wrists and pulls them tight before he can move, before he can protest. “What are you doing?” his voice shakes, a hint of panic in his eyes as he gazes up her oh-so-white body to her face, now twisting into a sensual, evil mask. “I am doing what I want to you, because you are my slave,” she whispers against his ear, nibbling it gently before biting so hard blood rises to the surface of his earlobe. He gasps, body reacting even as the panic in his eyes takes over his body, muscles stiffening in mingled arousal and fear. < > she thinks, sliding her mouth down his body to his half-erect cock and taking him into her mouth. He gasps again, hips rising to press him deeper inside the warm wetness between her lips, cock trembling to full erection once more. She bites the head of his cock hard enough to draw blood, revelling in the taste of mingled pre-cum and blood, wetness growing between her legs as he screams. The perfect excitement, she thinks…the taste and sound of fear. She kisses her way up his body, pausing to mark his nipple the same way she marked his earlobe and cock, then rubs her hips against his, teasing his cock with gentle pushes. He moans, hips thrusting higher, silently begging to be allowed to enter her. How quickly they learn…the extent of their helplessness is so intoxicating. She finally spreads her legs and moves close enough to him that the head of his cock enters her, prompting another scream of mingled pleasure and pain. She is breathing more quickly now, almost gasping as she rides him, pelvis thrusting against his hips and grinding her clit into his groin. She moans and tosses her head back, the long line of breast, throat, and chin white in the flickering candlelight. Right before he can cum she pulls away from him, laughing cruelly as he groans in disappointment. She sits back on her heels, admiring the contrast of white silk sheets and blood still seeping from his cock. He struggles in the ropes, pulling against them so hard they chafe his wrists raw. “Please…” he begs, eyes closed, face reflecting his humiliation at having to ask for release. “Please, i have to cum…it hurts so much.” She laughs again, loving his helplessness. “Hurts so good, doesn’t it?” she giggles, sliding slowly back up his body to press her full length against him. He bucks wildly, so close to cumming that his cock throbs against her abdomen. She has to close her eyes, gasping at the feel of him warm and hard against her…then she spreads her legs again and takes him into her pussy, squeezing hard with the inner muscles she is so proud of. He thrusts once, twice, three times, her height above him allowing him to pull almost completely out of her each time his hips slide down. After a moment of this she takes over, riding his body as if it were a toy…which it is, just for this moment. She grinds against him again, riding the shining edge of orgasm…and then tilts over the edge as he explodes inside her, screaming once more from the pain the toothmarks on his cock cause when he cums. They move together, drawing out the last ripples of pleasure from their climax, and finally she collapses on top of him, drained and happy at last. After another moment of savoring the touch of his body against hers, she moves off him and unties the ropes. She helps him roll onto his side and curls against him from behind, loving that she can offer this macho man comfort after sex. She falls asleep feeling his breath raise and lower his back, sliding her hands over his body. For once, she has embraced her darkness and not lost the one she loves.

By the witch

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