Emily ran up to her room, slammed her door, turned on the radio, turned up the volume, and fell to the floor crying. After a few minutes, she got up, went over to her drawer, took out her dagger, and sat on her bed. She held the dagger in her hands, twirling it on her palm and gently sliding it along her pale skin. She then began to slowly cut her wrist, enjoying the pain that it brought.

She cut deeper, and watched her blood drip down her arm, and onto her black bedspread. She got up from the bed, went over to her desk, got a tissue, and cleaned off her dagger. She then put it back in the drawer, and went back to her bed. She laid down, and felt the blood still running down her wrist. She put her hand over her wrist, and fell asleep.
Emily had always been a good kid. She had always gotten good grades, and participated in almost every school activity. She loved to write stories, poems, and she enjoyed dancing. After Emily started junior high though, everything just went downhill. She started getting bad grades, most of her elementary school friends didn’t talk to her anymore, and she was always teased by her classmates. Her older brother, who she looked up to, had gotten killed by a drunk driver, right in front of her. Her dad had committed suicide because of all the problems they had, and her mom had become a drug addict. She had a lot of family problems, with her dad gone, and her mom always wasting the money for drugs, they didn’t really have enough money for food, clothes, or any other needs. She had two younger brothers and a sister. She took care of all them, since her mom was always out, either looking for a job, or buying drugs. Emily was like a mom to her siblings. Her mom was rarely home, so therefore, Emily did everything for them. Emily fell into depression at a young age. After her dad and brother died, she started cutting to help her ease the pain. She had thought of suicide, but deep down she couldn’t do it, for fear of what would happen to her younger brothers and sister. Her mom would sometimes beat them, and Emily didn’t have the heart to leave them alone with her. Still, deep in her mind, there was a tiny voice telling her that death was the only way out of everything.
Emily awoke the next morning, and heard yelling in the living room. She immediately got up, and ran to the room. Lying on the floor, was her little sister crying, and one of her brothers was trying to get their mom off of their other brother. Her mom had her hands wrapped around his neck, and he was struggling to get free. Emily ran and pushed her mom, knocking her to the ground, and picked up her brother. He was struggling to breathe. She then took them all out of the house, and told them to stay there. Emily went back inside, and confronted her mom. Her mom was yelling at her and threatening her. Emily yelled back, and ran out of the house. She told her brothers and sister that everything would be fine and that their mom was just tired from working. She told them that she was going to take them to the park, and off they went. While walking, Emily looked down at her arms, and noticed that she had dried blood on her wrist. She hid her wrist with her sweater, and continued to walk with her siblings. As soon as they got to the park, Emily went to the bathroom, and washed off the blood. She then went back out and sat on a bench, watching her little brothers and sister play. She thought, They don’t deserve to live the life we do. They deserve to be happy, and not have any problems. With that thought in mind, she came up with a plan to rid everyone of their misery. For now, all I’m going to do, is enjoy the last day I’ll be with them, and the last day I see them. No child deserves to live this way. No child deserves to live in fear, and hate. Tomorrow, all that will change, she thought. Late in the afternoon, they went home, and found that their mom had left. She let them watch TV for a while, then put them to bed. She kissed them goodnight, and told them how much she loved them. After they fell asleep, she went to her room, laid on her bed, and cried herself to sleep.
Emily awoke early the next morning. She got up, checked on her brothers and sister, and went to see if their mom was home. As Emily walked to the room, she noticed that most of her mother’s things were gone. As she approached her mom’s room, she opened the door, and saw that the room was empty. Lying on the bed was a note. It said: Emily, I’m sorry, but I found a job. It’s far from here though. So, I moved to a small apartment, close to over there. You’re 15 years old, so I’m sure that you can take care of your brothers and sister on your own. Take care, there’s some money on the kitchen table, Love you, bye. As Emily read the note, tears started streaming down her face. She fell to the floor crying. Her little sister had woken up, and was beside Emily asking her why she was crying. Emily answered, “Don’t worry about it, go wake up your brothers, get dressed, and tell them to get dressed, too while I fix breakfast, ok?”. Her little sister answered okay, and ran off to the room. Emily walked to the kitchen, and put some waffles into the toaster. She got out some plates, cups, the butter, and some syrup. She set the table, and got all the waffles ready. Her siblings came into the kitchen and sat down. They ate quickly, and happily. She looked at them, as they ate their breakfast. She sat down at the table, and ate her breakfast quickly. She then told them to get all their things because they were going somewhere. Her brothers and sister got excited, and ran off to their rooms to pack their things. Emily went to the bathroom, and started crying. She couldn’t believe that her mom could just leave like that. Emily dried her tears, and went back to the kitchen to clean up. She got the money from the table. There was $30. I’ll split up the money with the kids, she thought. She put the money in her pocket, and walked to her brothers and sister’s room. She stood in the doorway, as they finished packing. Emily then told them to follow her with all their things. Emily was putting her plan into action. Her plan was to leave her brothers and sister at an orphanage, and then go back to the house. As they walked, Emily explained to them that she was going to leave them at an orphanage, and she told them that she was very sorry to leave them, but their mom was never coming back again, and she didn’t know what to do. When they got to the orphanage, her brothers and sister started crying. Emily started crying too, and told them that everything was going to be okay. She told them how much she loved them, and how much she’d miss them. She told them to be good, to behave, and to never forget her. Emily gave them each $10, and kissed them good-bye. She hugged them tightly, and wiped the tears from off her face. She then knocked on the door of the orphanage, and ran off to hide. Emily hid behind a bush, and watched as her siblings were taken into the orphanage by an elderly woman. After she made sure they were safe inside, she ran home, not stopping for anything. As soon as she arrived home, she went to her room, and fell on her bed crying. She got up, turned on her radio, and got her dagger from her drawer. She sat on her bed, and slowly started to cut her arm. She cut herself really slowly, but not deep. She then slit her wrist, slowly, carefully. She then cut her wrist deep, and fell to the floor in pain, clutching her wrist. She sat up, and continued to cut her wrist, first her left, then her right. She then laid down on the floor, and looked up at the ceiling. She felt the blood flowing out of her wrist, and felt her life flowing out of her, too. She continued to lay on the floor, and on the pool of blood that was forming around her. Tears streamed down her face, as she thought of her brothers and sister, her friends, her mom, her dad, and her older brother. I hope that my brothers and sister are happy. I hope they live happy lives, and grow up to be successful adults. Please forgive me, for everything. I hope they can forgive me, for leaving them. Please forgive me, I will always love all of you, and I will miss you, Emily thought, as she picked up the dagger and plunged it into her stomach. She started choking as blood started coming out of her mouth. She whispered….I love all of you, please forgive me….as she took her last breath, closed her eyes, and died.