In the tradition of the movie of the same name as this article, as well as the granddaddy of all giant radioactive bug movies, 1954’s THEM!, I bring you this story of bloodthirsty killer headhunter ants! The FORMICA ARCHBOLDI of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia hunts and kills trap-jaw ants, then takes the skulls of its vanquished victims back to its nest for decorations. Experts discovered this when they found lots of heads of trap-jaw ants in those nests and started wondering what they were doing down there. Why does FORMICA ARCHBOLDI, aka the Florida Ant (They’ve really gotta rename this species now, something like the “Headhunter Ant.”), keep the heads of its enemies? Why, as trophies, no doubt! (Scientists also theorize the ants are eating the rest of the trap-jaw ants and just leaving the heads, the way we leave behind the cob when we eat an ear of corn, but I don’t buy it. Those are trophies!)

The way in which the Headhunter Ants (I’m just gonna go ahead and change their name myself) kill their enemies is as gruesome as what they do with the remains afterward. They camouflage themselves with a coating of wax, get in close and spray their prey with formic acid.

Can you imagine a gigantic version of THESE ants?