Epidermis Putrid

“…that the light may shine through the windows of our souls, when our eyes are closed…no light shall befall that which grows only in the dark. And deep within the reaches of the temples we call our bodies, the most hideous of fungus can lurk…”

Submerge myself to mirror’s dark,
moonlit I see myself.
Silently tapping at the window now,
and peering over my kitchens’ shelf.

To my chest is nailed my hands,
the tempest holds me close.
My life blood seep within my links,
the dampened hair makes me morose.

Neck deep I lay but now submerged,
the candles lit a vigil dim.
The lye is slowly burning soft,
to loosen my hardened sin.

You left your ring upon my floor,
divinity has now come ’round.
And screamed your voices in my ear,
and scratched my eyes with sound.

Battered sit, my lips are shut,
and stitched from lip to lip.
My nails are torn, my bones are broke,
Your pain my soul does sip.

In darkness dwell, you left me rot,
I shiver in my own shame.
I’ve fallen blind, deaf, and dumb,
and have withered to be lame.

I have no voice that I may yell,
or eyes to scald your shape.
Broken now forever more,
by this, you commit rape

By Azurael

Enjoys: Razor blades Cat 'o' Nines Roses Poetry Dispair Self-Destruction