Errors and other

I have been receiving some information about a few errors from some of you. Just to let you know what I’m already aware of:

  • Table colors not uniform in some places
  • Blank page after changing theme.
  • Unable to logout.
  • Unable to login.
  • Thin article columns ( fixed in 0ri0n theme ).
  • Error messages using Polls

Some problems are due to incorrect confirmation codes (if you request one, after losing a password). Some were due to the Who’s Online still remembering you, even though you have logged out by clicking EXIT in
If you logout here, you are actually logged out even though Who’s Online still reports you here. They use two different methods, so don’t worry about that.

The blank page after changing a theme, is from having an old cookie. This has been cleared up by many others by just logging out, and then logging back in and changing the theme.

Please report more either in email or in a comment/reply to this article.

By Sire

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