Essay: Psi Vampires

“The Psychic Vampyre is a being which “feeds” on another human-beings energy, or life force, instead of their blood.” -Everglais; Psychic Vampires

“Psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of vital energy.” -Anton LaVey

” Psychic Vampires [are] one of the most potentially dangerous of all vampire species, as these creatures feed upon the psychic energies of their victims, leaving them exhausted. Continued feedings can lead to permanent debilitation, even to death.” Matthew Bunson; The Vampire Encyclopedia

“A vampire is a person born with an extraordinary capacity to absorb, channel, transform, and manipulate “pranic energy” or life force.” -Inanna Arthen; Real Vampires

“Psychic vampires are living people who feel a pronounced need to enhance their natural state of being by drawing, absorbing, “draining” or “feeding on” some kind of “energy”. – Human and Living Vampires


Psi vampires (and all vampires, really) have an energy imbalance that goes from not enough to too much within hours. Their ability to handle and manipulate energy is often considered to be a gift, but the constant imbalance is what causes the often uncomfortable symptoms that characterize a psychic vampire. A hungry vampire is one whose energy level is too low. They become, consciously or unconsciously, a kind of vortex that draws all energy in the area towards themselves. Symptoms of a “hungry” vampire include: extreme fatigue, depression, mood swings, insomnia, and anxiety.

To spread the very wise word of Aneria Romana, I’d like to point out that the term psychic vampire is not correct when explaining this form of vampirism. If you think about it, psychic vampire means to be a vampire that is psychic. The correct term is actually psi vampire – which is a vampire that feeds on energy. I find this very interesting, because I did not know this until I visited her site.

Being a psi vampire comes with a lot of responsibility. First of all, the blood vampires (a.k.a. sanguines) will most likely not hurt another person if they’re low on energy and need some blood. The truth is that blood vampires are actually people who are either addicted to blood or have blood fetishes. They themselves call it a blood lust, and that’s all it is – a lust. (A real blood vampire is a pranic vampire – a vampire that feeds on blood for the energy inherent in it.) Psi vampires however will unconsciously feed from anyone near them if they become low on energy. It is important to learn how to control your feeding and the amount of energy you have. People need their energy to keep healthy, just as you do. You will also become sick very quickly if you do not feed regularly. So please watch yourself – if not for everyone else around you, then for yourself. Also, it is important to ask permission before feeding from someone. The only exception I can think of is if it is a major emergency, or if you are feeding lightly from the atmosphere of an energized room, or from a crowd of people. This way you are (hopefully) only taking excess energy left over by emotions, etc. If you do not feel comfortable feeding from people, you can feed from other sources. Magical practices such as drawing down the moon and forming a cone of power are very useful in replenishing your energy without taking from another person. (These were the first forms of psi vampirism I practiced, long before I even knew what I was, or what I was doing).

The act of feeding is a very debatable subject. Most people can’t or refuse to see exactly what is happening when a psi vampire feeds. My explanation is a pool of my own experiences mixed with those of other psi vampires I have talked to/read about. What aided me most in understanding my psi vampirism was working with the chakras. Lady Chrys at [url=][/url] has a similar theory about this. I give her much credit for helping me refine my theory.

A psi vampire is a reincarnating soul that has an astral body that “leaks” energy. An astral body is like your soul, in a sense. It is what makes you a person. Your physical body is just a shell, harboring your astral body. A healthy astral body doesn’t have leaks, and therefore can manage it’s own energy levels without having to feed from others. The only exception is if a healthy person is drained to a dangerous point, in which case they become a temporary vortex, draining all energy it can find until they are mostly re-energized. But this is only temporary. The psi vampire is like an infinite vortex, pulling in energy whenever they start running low. Unlike other living things, it does not produce it’s own energy, and so does not flow fluidly in and around the energy that makes up our lives. They instinctively take the energy they encounter. Although this may sound complicated, or “supernatural”, it is very natural, and quite simple really. We are living things, having been reincarnated for thousands of years. We eat, we drink, but we also feed.

A theory of the creation of vampirism is that long ago, in one of our earliest incarnations, it was in our nature to try and live fully in our minds and shed our physical bodies because they tied us down. We wished to have free reign in the astral realm with full consciousness. I know that it is for me a dream to live in another world, another place. Sometimes the places I create in my head are my only sanctuary and keep me from going over the edge. It’s what I hold onto, the things that are not seen; that I have fallen in love with now and which I fell in love with lifetimes ago. Because we had this insatiable thirst for the unknown, the bonds between our astral bodies and our physical bodies began to weaken. With every incarnation this bond weakens, and our need for energy increases. But with it comes great knowledge and skill. We are tireless souls, always learning, always thirsting for knowledge, and so we are reincarnated over and over again, exploring the realm of the physical and the astral. Our immortality is in our souls; in the fact that we reincarnate forever, perhaps until our bonds between the physical and the astral are completely broken off and we become beings of pure energy. I find this theory quite easy to believe because I identify with it so well and others have come up with similar, if not identical, ideas.

Back to the topic of feeding though, the chakras are the main entrances and exits of energy. You can find many meditations that can teach you how to cleanse your chakras, (which is helpful in opening the passageways to energy intake), and how to balance your energy. When I feed, I use a “vine”. I think of this as an astral rope that travels towards whoever I am feeding from, and then attaches itself to the largest source of energy it can find on this person. All of this is automatic. I first discovered the vine when I was about to feed from a friend. It was my kind of “awakening”, because I realized what was happening and, eventually, what I was soon after the experience. It was frightening, but exhilarating, all at once. (The difficulty lay in that fact that there is little information on psi vampires, and most of it is incorrect and very negative. It was lovely to be told that I was a being who’s only intent was to steal and ruin human lives.) Now I mostly feed unconsciously, but am struggling to learn to control my feeding, that I don’t let my levels drop too low or let myself feed too much from a single person. It is extremely difficult, but very important to be in control of what you are doing and learn how to consciously feed.

Feeding on emotional energy is an instinctual and easy process. If a person is very angry, you can focus on the energy that feeds that emotion and take it as you would any other energy. This will lessen the feelings of rage considerably, and actually help the person you have fed from. You can also feed from excess “happy” energy, or from those who are hyperactive/vibrant. I’ve known a few people that never seemed phased when I fed from them. These kinds of people are sometimes known as batteries or bleeders. They pump out so much excess energy that you will often take it in without even realizing it. The best thing, once again, is that it benefits both people. The one person is a little less hyper, and you are fully and blissfully fed. With depression, often incorporated with feelings of sadness, the best thing to do is inject them with energy. I’ve done this with sicknesses too. I don’t claim to know much about healing; all I do is imagine the body being filled with pink and white energy (love/caring and purity), in order to energize their immune systems and make them feel better. I once did this over the internet to someone with a sinus infection. It was the first time I had ever done it long distance. I used a picture of them for visualization. By the time I was done, they had gotten light headed, felt a great blast of energy, and ended up feeling drunk. They were woozy for the rest of the night, but the sinus infection was gone. I would not recommend doing this without experience. It is a dangerous thing to do, and could harm someone if you are not very careful. I did not know that I was pumping too much energy because, to me, it seemed like a normal amount. But I am a psi vampire, and the other person was not.

There are many different names for energy, and many different kinds of energy, including ch’i, prana, vital energy, psychic energy, sexual energy, emotional energy, magickal energy, negative energy, astral energy, and atmospheric energy -i.e. thunderstorms-, etc. And because of this, there are many methods of feeding. These include stirring up emotions, having deep conversations, or consciously taking energy from alternative sources. Stirring up emotions is something that most people will see as just having a bitchy attitude. If you are low on energy, you will become confrontational for no apparent reason, picking fights or inducing strong emotions in other people. This goes together with deep conversation. When you are talking with someone one on one (or maybe even with more than one, if you become good at it) you can “draw in” your audience, capturing their attention, and even some of their energy. Or you talk about something that is very emotional, another type of “stirring”. You must be careful that you don’t do this all of the time. It is a real drain on the people you know, and they usually don’t appreciate it. A better way to evoke emotions is to draw them out of yourself. Watch a good movie, accomplish a task, or read a good book. These things will trigger your usually dormant energy centers, causing an overload of good, personal energy. The energy doesn’t always last long, but it is a healthy practice. A very useful skill is to be able to absorb energy from alternate sources. My favorites include the earth, stones, the moon/sun and the wind. But you can feed from just about anything that holds energy. You may be wondering how it is possible to feed from things like rocks, or the wind. Rocks hold much energy. Especially specific types such as hematite. If you go into a nature store, or just go for a walk, you may pick up stones that feel abnormally warm or cold, or just give you a good feeling when you hold it. These are naturally energized stones, and are very useful to have around. Different stones will calm you or energize you. But remember that some have negative energy. You will be able to feel these stones out with practice. The wind is a nice source because you can actually raise winds with your emotions. Whenever I sit by the window, gazing outside, the wind slowly picks up. I breathe it in, savoring it’s freshness. As I breathe in, I take in energy. Other people go outside and just open their arms, letting the wind embrace them. It’s a wonderful feeling to take in the energy of the wind, and you don’t have to worry about taking too much. Other practices that can aid you are books on witchcraft that teach you how to draw down the moon/sun and create a cone of power.

Someone that a psi vampire, or anyone really, must always be careful of a psi attack. (Also known as a hag attack.) This is when you feel as though your astral self is being torn away and bitten. It is in no way pleasant, as a feeding can be. It’s a straight out attack on you. There are many ways to protect yourself in these situations, especially if you know the workings of magic. But for those who do not, there are some basic and simple steps you can take that will work if you believe that they will. You can imagine a wall or a bubble that surrounds you. Make sure that there are no cracks or chinks, that it is completely solid and can block out your attacker. Believe it, and it will be so. Don’t panic, and stay strong. Your attacker will feed off of your fear, it being a strong emotion like anger or hate. Singing will hurt your astral attacker, as sound waves can be used as a weapon in the astral world. So if worst comes to worst, sing something. It will focus your energy on you, and keep it away from the attacker. Which is, of course, a main goal. Other precautions are to keep up astral shields around your house, or keep pieces of amethyst in each room and on your person. The amethyst will help block psi attacks.

As a psi vampire, you will find that you have certain abilities. These are different for everyone, and some people are better at some and not as proficient with others. These are natural abilities that you learn to use as you grow into your vampirism.

1. Astral Abilities

Psi vampires have good astral abilities. These are natural abilities gained with the ability to manipulate energy for feeding the astral body. Examples are astral projection, dream walking, and “phasing”. In general, all astral abilities are heightened.

Astral projection is when your astral body leaves your physical body. It is still connected to the physical body, but it is not in it. This is a very difficult thing to do, and I have had troubles with it – most likely because I am still not proficient in feeding. When you dream, you will often be performing unconscious astral projection. I catch myself doing this all of the time. Sometimes I will “dream” that I have awoken, walked out of my room, and started my day three times before I actually, physically do it. It’s very confusing. Other times I have dreams of doing everyday things, and I think that I have actually done them. You can also unconsciously attack other people while you are sleeping (also known as a hag attack). Unfortunately, you won’t know that you are doing this unless someone tells you that they saw you doing it. Dream walking is more like getting into someone else’s dream, and controlling it. More can be learned about these things with research into Shamanism. All of these abilities require focus and relaxation. Gently focusing on a candle with some soft music on and incense in the room, you can easily let yourself become detached, and feel “floaty”. It’s good practice for learning to astrally project, or to explore your natural abilities and senses.

2. Time

Time manipulation is often an accidental ability. This occurs when you are trying to accomplish a task. You relax, and focus your mind on the task at hand. It is important to relax, to let the energy flow so that the task can be completed. What happens is that you live for however long it took you to finish the task, but to those around you, it seems like you’ve done it in seconds. This is often known as blinking, because it seems to happen in a blink of an eye. Time is a very limiting thing that most psi vampires don’t have much respect for. We often cannot determine a year from a month, and have troubles remembering when something was. We often have to count back or forwards from a major event to determine how much time has passed. Time is something man created, and doesn’t have to be allowed to rule us.

3. Empathetic Abilities

This is like feeding off of emotions, because as you are feeding you are also feeling emotions. This is known as empathy – experiencing the emotions of another as your own. This is why you must shield yourself, so that you are not overcome by stronger emotions, especially when you are around a lot of people. We are often perceived as cold hearted, or aloof when around a group of people, because we are blocking ourselves off. It is important to understand that we are just protecting ourselves, from your emotions and our own. Yes, our own. When we feel strong emotions, we lose precious amounts of energy; that is why we often do not seem to be engaged in what is going on. But secretly we are usually enjoying ourselves.

Another ability closely linked to empathy is scanning. This is when you feel the aura of a person. If you become good at this, you can actually tell what kind of a vampire a person is, or what kind of a human they are. You don’t actually see the color of the aura, but you can sense it by the feelings you get. Along with this is what is called identifying. This is when you take in information through your senses like data to create your image of another person’s personality, characteristics, etc. With a psi vampire, you can tell how strong or intelligent they are by the fluctuations of their auras. If they are strong, they will have smaller fluctuations and will have a good amount of energy about their aura. A regular person’s aura fluctuates with their heartbeat. If they are frightened, the fluctuation will become faster.

Usually you can sense a vampire before you see them with your eyes. I once was in a bookstore, about a few years ago. I was wandering around, looking at the c.d. section, when my eyes caught those of a guy I’m guessing to be about 17/18. He had dark brown hair, and was rather stunning. But more so because of the rush of energy I felt when I sensed his presence. I was breathless, and so left the section and went to the book section, thinking how odd it was. Then I sensed his presence again. He was standing right behind me, watching me. I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him. I froze. When I finally turned around, he wasn’t there. I looked around, even searched for him, but he wasn’t in the store. For some reason this memory has stuck with me, and every once in a while I think about whether I may see him again or not.

4. Shielding

This is a very easy thing to learn, and is often done instinctually when you enter a room full of energized emotions. It takes no energy to hold a shield, because all you’re doing is hardening your aura into a protective cover. You must train yourself to have a shield up at all times, even when you are alone, and to keep your shield strong. Make sure that there are no cracks in it, and believe that there aren’t. You have to believe that nothing can pass your shields for them to work the best.

Once you have a good shield up at all times, you can learn to change its color to filter out certain emotions that cause you discomfort. Things like anger or depression can become confused with your own emotions if you are an empath or a psi vampire. White will block out all emotions from other people around you. Black will do the same as white, but also block out your own emotions. This is not recommended – and can further your difficulties in experiencing personal pleasure. If you feel a nosy person trying to scan you, bring up your shield to stop them. Don’t let yourself feel anger or frustration, because they will only use this to get through your shield. To bring up your shield for a defense like this, all you have to do is imagine/feel your shield changing colors constantly. Like a kaleidoscope or rainbow of colors. This way they can’t attach themselves to your shield, since it is ever-changing. If they persist, reflect their energy back at them like a mirror. This is a very protective tool in many circumstances. If you believe that someone is attacking you in any way (psi or magic), imagine yourself with a shield that works as a mirror, deflecting their attacks. This way you are not harming them, they are harming themselves.

If you ever read of a protection spell against vampires (such as the one located in the back of Konstantinos’ book Vampires; the Occult Truth), I suggest you do not try using it. Yes, I made the mistake of trying to use Konstantinos’ protection “spell”. This was before I knew what I was, mind you. When I performed the visualization of a spiked ball around me, I felt like the spikes were hitting me. I felt like I was choking and as if I were being cut off from my energy. It wasn’t very pleasant. Along with this, I once did a type of chakra meditation where you imagined a ball of yellow/orange energy at your solar plexus. It got sucked in and all I saw was a black hole. All of this seemed very odd to me at the time, but now I can understand why it happened. (I share these things to enlighten those who may be confused, as I was at the time.)

5. Awareness

This is a part of the predator inside of you coming out when you are feeling threatened. (And only works if you are awake enough to feel threatened; believe me, I know what it’s like to be completely unaware of what’s going on.) An ability known as flipping your awareness is when you flip your view from first person to third person. It’s when you pull back and look at everything around you, including what’s behind you. Sometimes you can just sense what’s behind you, other times you can actually see it. It matters what abilities you do/don’t have, and how proficient you are. It is simply defined as a heightened awareness of your surroundings.

6. Mesmerize

This is when you get someone’s attention and influence their memories. You don’t force it, and you don’t change their minds. You suggest an alternative explanation and let them do the rest. This is useful when someone has seen something too “supernatural” for them to handle in any sensible way, or if someone believes something of you that is not true. Like that you kill people or will hurt them to drink their blood. To “mesmerize” them, you must first get their attention. Look into their eyes, and maybe touch their shoulder or hands. The physical contact helps. Talk in a soft, even voice, and kind of convince them that it was just their imagination. Keep focused, and all should be well. Suggest an alternate explanation for what they have seen/believe. Remember, this is not to be used to control people in any way. It is used to calm people down, that they don’t harm you or other because of their wrong assumptions and ideas of the supernatural. It is only for protection as a non-aggressive defense, and should never be used to force people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Trying to do this will not work anyway, because it is more than just a suggestion.

Don’t take everything people say for granted. I have been to all kinds of sites on vampires – all seemingly for “real” vampires, but all with different information. This is because we all have our own, unique experiences, and there is no perfect definition for something that is obscure to most of us (even those of use who are as such). But as we grow, we learn. And as long as you have an open mind, well, then you truly have been awakened.


I wrote this quite a while ago, but have revised it since. Just some of my own ideas to contribute. Go to [url=][/url] if you care to read more.

By MoonVampire

Remember youth as you pass by, As you were once, so once was I, As I am now, you soon will be, Prepare to die and follow me. ~Epitaph on a warlock grave