Eternal Bliss

He watched her from the darkness. His immortal eyes taking in her every feature. Her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders in tight curls and her earth colored eyes looked around blindly in the darkness.

She spun around in a small circle making her white silk dress russle with her movement. His eyes looked to her face again and smiled at her cute button noise that was covered in soft freckles. His eyes moved lower to her tiny soft lips and his smile seemed to grow. Oh those lips! Those desirable lips!

How he wished to move to her and take her into his arms!
But not yet.
He moved his eye lower and her gaze glided over her slender neck. He could feel the blood rushing through her veins. He could feel the music of her heart. He licked his crimson lips and his long pearl white fangs.
His hunger.
But somehow this hunger was of a different sort. It wasn’t just for blood but for her.
He couldn’t hold back any longer. He swiftly closed the distance between them. His super natural powers making him move so quickly you didn’t hear a sound.
He Froze.
She was so beautiful!
Now that he was closer he could how the moonlight hit her skin just right and made it glow. Her earth colored eyes reflected the silver moon.
He had to touch her.
But would she turn away in fear?
He spoke her name like a sweet kiss. She fell back and leaned against his strong chest and he wrapped her in a possessive embrace. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss atop her head.
“Oh Amanda, I thought you would turn away from me.”
She turned around her body in his arms and he could feel her silk dress brush against his fingertips. She looked up to him with those earth eyes and a soft smile curved her lips. Her tiny hand reached up and was placed on his cheek her thumb stroking his skin like a soft whisper.
Warming him.
“Oh Sebastian my love, I could never turn away from you.”
Aw her voice.
It was like a ray of light in a world of darkness.
A holy light.
His darkness.
She moved up on her tiptoes and placed a warm kiss to his cool lips. He groaned deep in his throat at the touch of those angelic lips. He lifted her in his arms and spun her around in a swift circle.
She giggled.
He felt his heart that had been iced over for centuries finally melt away all the ice.
A tear fell from his eye.
He closed his eyes to Darkness.
Then he felt her thumb brush away that tear.
He opened his eyes to light.
“Oh my Sebastian, why do you cry?”
Aw her voice was filled with such sadness. It twisted his heart in his chest and he couldn’t breathe!
But then he felt her deep concern for him.
He breathed.
Concern? For him? A creature forever bound to darkness?
Forever damned?
He looked to her beautiful angelic face once more. He didn’t deserve such a wonderful gift has Amanda.
Aw Amanda.
She deserved Better.
She deserved kids and a husband.
A family all her own.
She deserved the sun.
He finally reached up and placed his hand over her.
She smiled.
Oh God he loved this angel sent to him by what must have been a greater power!
One that loved him in return.
One that had given him light in the darkness.
“Amanda my love, I can’t help but know that you deserve better than me…a creature of darkness.”
She frowned.
Oh God how he would do anything to make her smile!
“Do not be silly Sebastian my love…if only you could see yourself in my eyes…you would not see a dark creature but a man…a beautiful man that has the power to make me blossom in love and the power to fill my dreams and mind every min of night and day!”
Aw her words! Her sweet words!
“Now Sebastian, there is a matter I would wish to discuss with you.”
“Anything, my Angel.”
She smiled.
His heart skipped a beat.
“Sebastian my love,…you love me don’t you?”
What kind of muse was this?
“You know I do.”
“Say it.”
“I love you Amanda with my whole being.”
She smiled even more.
His heart stopped.
“Then Sebastian, what I ask of you I know you will accept.”
Oh my god was she going to leave me?
He felt his heart Bleed in his chest.
He shook his head and looked to her has if it was the last time he would.
It just might be.
“Yes my love, I know I will.”
She smiled.
He was preparing him self for the blow to come.
She moved into his embrace and rested her head on his chest.
How much pain can he endure?
“Sebastian my love,…will you…I mean…”
She sighed.
He held back tears.
“Will I what, love?”
Was that his voice? It felt so strong and alive and he felt he was dieing a slow and painful death.
“Will you…make me what you are? So I can love you forever?”
He couldn’t breathe.
Couldn’t move.
Couldn’t speak.
She looked up to him with those earth colored eyes.
He lifted in his arms and kissed her with such want, need, love, desire.
And she returned it.
“Yes my Angel, oh yes!”
She smiled.
And then he knew.
She was a gift sent to him.
A light in the darkness.
She was his ETERNAL BLISS.

By Bliss Hunter

I have been writing, it seems, all my life. Writing is a passion in my soul that just can not be denied and so now i have found Darkness to share my work on. I write sorties that are not contempary so i find it hard ot find people who appceiate my work. I hope you like my storys of vampires, witches, sucubus, and werewolves. sweet dreams ^.^ also, look for my book "Raul's Game" in book sotres near you soon.