Eternally Dead

When you are turned immortal you will still have lingering mortal thought, morals, and feelings. Most of the mortal feeling will stay with you forever, but soon you soon have to realize that you will have to play god, choosing who lives and who dies, you have to kill to be able live yourself. And what you think is the best thing about being a vampyre, immortality, it seems like a good idea, until you realize you will be living it alone. This was the same for Ryoko, that is until she found, or maybe the other way around, I will let you decide, until Devil and her found one another. But Devil will not be the only creature to come into her life, or should I say after life, that would affect her forever.
How it Began
She walked slowly in the rain. She glared up at the road ahead of her, parts of her dark auburn hair stuck to her cold wet face… her eyes flashed a red glow. “Why did it have to be like this?” she thought to herself. She glanced down at her mystic knife. Magic, for a lack of a better word was embedded deep within the silver. She had acquired it in her third year as a vampire. The original owner of the blade was raised a vampire hunter and even having that being he had still lost to her. But during the fight she had somehow become immune to the poison deep within it. So cutting herself would do no difference, because it would heal in seconds anyway. She jerked her head up to look at the road ahead of her, more of her hair fell down on her face. Her eyes flashed once more, she was staring something in the eyes its hot sticky breath warming her upper chest. She was taken back, never before has she seen something with this masculinity. It’s thick coarse fur sticking straight up, it fiery red-hot eyes staring her down ready to attack at any moment. This beast was as tall as her not seeming to be afraid of her, as would most creatures when she let down her shield around her aura. Most would turn running in fear and panic, crossing themselves many times, but this beast it stood there nose to nose with her acting as if she should be the one who should be scared. They stood there like that for what might have been a few minutes but to her it seemed like an eternity, she was sure it was the same with the beast. Then all of a sudden it fell over silent, she fell down to her knees putting it head on her lap. She placed her hands on its neck then quickly lifting them away and gasped, there was blood covering her hands, watching as the raindrops slowly wash it away. She placed her hands back on his neck and leaned over and spoke soothing words into its ear, as she did this she healed him. All the pain and worry that he had went through his entire life flashed in her mind, She wrenched her head back and screamed out in pain as she felt all of this. She waited for him to be healed enough to not only live but to be able to walk and eat, and that is when she removed her hands and pasted out…
As she awoke the next day she found the beast had curled up around her body to keep her warm, it had thought that she would die, but it did not know that she was already dead, but she was grateful that he was being loyal to her. She knew, from the flashes, that it was never loyal to anyone or anything before, because everything had been mean and hateful to it, she was the first being in its lifetime to help it. She had learned many things about its past but all should be revealed later. The one thing that she knew was for certain was that the beast was a male and usually mean and rugged at heart, but to her he seemed to be a lost soul searching for something, even though she endured most of his thoughts and his past she still did not know what that one thing was. She reanimated herself to appear standing up behind the sleeping beast. She slowly walked around to find some food for the poor creature, trying to be as quite as possible not wanting to wake him. When she didn’t find anything that he or she would like she willed some food to appear for them both. As the smell aroused the sleeping mound of fur in front of her, she backed away not wanting to be the one to find out if it was grouchy in the morning. She was not presumably “scared” of him, she was just weary of something she had never seen before. He looked at the food placed in front of him and then at her, as if he was unsure if the food was a trick, poisoned, or a trap. She finally crawled over to where his food was and took some and ate it. He sat and watched her as if he was waiting for her to drop over dead any second now, after a few minutes he must of been satisfied because he started to eat, slowly at first then not even swallowing. She knew he must be hungry, for even for his size she could see his ribs. Yes, he was very big and muscular and for the first glace he would seem fine but she had been watching him sleep for quite some time and she could tell.
Three Months Later
“Devil, I am going to go for a swim. You want to come with me?” Ryoko screamed over her shoulder back at the mansion they had “found” empty, about two months ago. They both knew that they would have to move soon for fear that someone would find Devil and find out what Ryoko really was.
Although to you Ryoko may seem happy and although she was, something was “eating” at her. Her past would soon come up to “bite her in the butt” she had been running since she was turned at the age of 16 (the vampyric aging system makes it so that you age normally until the age of 16 then you have a form of immortality, with it you still age just 20 times slower than the average mortal). Her “father” (the one who changed her) was one of the most feared vampyres in the world, and for good reason he was the strongest, she knew he was, after all she was his fledgling and she knew she was also stronger than most, because of that, most feared her. She knew she was being hunted down for being a vampyre, but she did not ask to be what she was he turned her by force, and with her being a mortal, she stood no chance against him. She was turned in the year 1663. She lived with him for a long time, she witnessed the brutal murders and even more sickening he would make her watch the killings, the blood flowing from an innocent body. She hated that, she hated him. She lived with him for 40 years, finally she couldn’t take no more. So she ran, she ran away and never looked back she had been running and hiding from him for 300 years.

By death_comes_easy

"I stopped listening To the voices in my head cuz i ran outta places To keep the bodies!" "it is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" "What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else and you could never have them?"