ETERNALS: Is Arishem God?

The religious wackadoos have already pooped their pants by this point. If any of them did defy their preachers and go see ETERNALS this past weekend, that gay kiss scene for sure had them running for the exits, no matter how realistic, non-romantic, desperate, and honest the scene felt. It’s also unlikely that any such wackadoo possesses the ability to truly interpret a film, and even the ones who are supposed to be able to do that, the ones who are in fact paid to do that very thing, the Normie critics, all seem to have overlooked the film’s cautionary metaphor about the dangers of religious zealotry. It’s also unlikely that any wackadoo would have gotten past the whole gay thing to ponder whether or not he or she ought to be offended about the film’s mythology, in which not God but Arishem the Celestial creates the Earth and all that is on it. Unless the movie means to suggest that Arishem *is* God?

As the movie makes obvious to anyone paying attention, Arishem, though incredibly powerful, is not omnipotent. He doesn’t know everything and he makes mistakes. And in the comics, Arishem is outranked by a mysterious being known as the One-Above-All. This last can be considered “God”, or can be considered the greatest of the Celestials, whereas it was God who created the Celestials, including the One-Above-All. Easy solution to any knickers-twisting among the wackadoos insofar as any depiction of the true Almighty is concerned. Not that any of them stuck around past that kiss, anyway.

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