Once upon a time
Starred skies cried
Bloody tears that stained the clouds
Winds mourned
Whispering forth the doom that had been brought
Shadows mocked
Banishing light
Forcing it into corners
‘Till it just gave up
Coldness took over
Snow fell
Yet it seemed to be only her wings
Blown apart
Angels made way
For the floods and bouts of blood
Dipping their toes, basking in delight
Painting designs upon her skin
Silver angels were these
Yet their beauty never shone
Confined to darkness they were
Mastered by her shaky grip
Life savers she called them
Death bringers they thought
An addiction
Slow suicide
A rapture never lost
Red dripped from her reality
Each drop had their own sound
A voice
Which spoke of passion
And its fury
All colors had a meaning
Her, being the only one who knew
All eyes hid an anguished soul
All lips tainted with lies
Screams told a story of their own

All this she adored
This beauty
Love in all things, that no one else could ever begin to see
Such loneliness it became
Yet all this she could not bear…
So her angels took her away

“Euphoria” she whispered
“Take me in it” she screamed_

By SOULshakeN

A lonely little Goth who dreams of her death and escapes reallity thru her beautiful and adored razors and daggers......