Evidence Genesis is True

In the Hadean Era, 4500 to 3800 millions of years ago the Big Bang happened and the planets were in reported existence.

In the Archean Era, 3800 to 2500 millions of years ago the Earth began to cool. In the Proterozoic Era, 2500 to 544 millions of years ago the first Continents appeared. In the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic (Tertiary) Era 544 to 1.8 millions of years ago all plant, fish and animal life was brought forward. Lastly the Cenozoic Era, 11.000 years ago today humans are in existence.

The most accurate Bible available on the market that was translated by Rabbis to the English language from the original Hebrew texts states there was seven divisions between, Evening and Morning when God created man kind. It was not until the fourth division that there was a light in the sky, then there was a clear division between days. In Geological finding, except, for the Proterozoic Era that is twice as long as any other Era there is seven divisions. With further study scientist may even find that it was during this time between 2500 to 544 million years ago that the Sun had chemically changed into a star. This would prove the seven full divisions of time in Genesis.