Evil Dwelling

Theres something evil dwelling around
something out to tear us apart
an evil shaded by peoples appearances
a monster trying to eat our souls

take our happiness and love
but i know its here
i sense it deeply
i feel it radiating off of people
i see it in their eyes
i smell it reaking in the air
its hiding
taking ahold of people naive to its power
once inside never letting go
slowly its easing into my family
my friends ave also become victims
only a few survive
onl a few live
i was once determind to beat this beast
this devil taking hold of us
but its already got me
im too late
just like all others, it took me without me realizing it was too late
too late to turn back
making me hate what i once cherished
making me forget all my innocence
we’re all dead
we’re all cndemmed

By Red*Rage

Everyone unerstands the concept of enter the darkness...but what happens when it enters you?? when it kills you bit by aganizing bit, destroying all hope of what happiness and joy are and controlling all you do and see with hate? what do yo think we do?? we join it and stop making fools of ourselves trying to fight it...the darkness is too strong to fight it off...or is it?? noone knows...