Evil Thoughts

I can’t control the way I feel, what i think, or why I do the things I do. Criticizm is the only part of my life I find worth living. My words I say cut through so deep they merely slice the bone. Insanity has overcome my soul, it is now the only reason why i live. Cutting, bleeding ,screaming, crying are obstacles i face ever single day, I think things so evil and demented, i hate you, i wish you would die , its all your fault for the reason i cry. Death is my only option, death is my only escape from the world i’m no longer wanted it, for the world i no longer want to live it. Life would be so much better if it weren’t for the evil thoughts that haunt my mind. They comfort me, the soothe me, I am now the person i was grown up to be , a child of god, that satan destroyed on account of evil thoughts.

By DarkenedAngel

hmmm..welll where to begin...