Scratches on the arms.
I’ll sit there and look at them,
Trying to think of an excuse of how it happened.
“I fell and scrapped my arm”

I don’t think that they’ll believe it.
Why make excuses?
Maybe it’s just so that I don’t have to explain.
Explain why I did it,
And how I feel.
I did it.
Yes I did.
It will heal.
Of course it will.
I won’t kill myself.
I don’t have the balls to do it.
I never did,
And I believe I never will.
Hopefully my life won’t get to that point.
But at the moment,
They are just scratches.


By Chikara

I am somewhat of a morbid person. I like to read about vampires and things like that. Currently I am Wiccan, and I am dedicated to it. If anyone ever wants to talk.. I'm usually around, and willing to talk and whatever.