Exile but from one

Darkening, the sky seems to mock me as if it know’s I’m lost and confused. The sun hides its face from me as if it feels ashamed to shine upon my raven hair and crimson lips, but the moon shines above me, caressing my skin and soothing my soul.

I look into the eyes of the demon on my shoulder as He whispers gentle symphonies of words in my ear. He guides me and cares for me…He says he loves me. Angels turn their backs toward me and softly taunt and tease, the words cutting like blades on the skin of my wrists, and I cry bitter tears. But he sooths me with these morbid words and calms the hatred and despair of my dreams. This beautiful night is dissappearing, and I return to the coldness of life, but while I’m alone once again I realize…I’m exiled but from one.