eyeliner floods

Repitions of building up you and breaking you down dominate my thoughts
Every aspect of you is over analyzed
The confusion of emotions consumes as your pedestal crumbles
Leaving me lonely and lying on the floor covered in it’s rubble

My once flawless vision of you is shattered
Leaving only the outlines of the footsteps you left on your path of retreat
Shards of sunlight leak in and out from the cracks in the door measuring my hours by the hues in the day
Resentment and anger fills all of the nostalgia we once shared
Everything is tainted
My vulnerable state doesn’t alter with the progression of the day along with my decsion to remain immobile on the floor
The cold tile, your frozen over heart
Tear grooves enriched with black eyeliner floods burn to the touch and embrace of light
My conflicting thoughts leave me in a grounded perspective
Hostage to my grief
Waiting in the doorway