Facade of Innocence

He arrives at her house like he has done before. He says hello to her mother so innocently. They both walk to the other end of the house to her room so that they can be alone. Seemingly innocent.

They sit on her bed and just look at each other. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sabrina lays down on the bed, just to get comfortable. Toby looks her body up and down. There is a look there that she can’t quite place. His eyes move along her breasts and then finally, they return to her eyes. He gets on his knees and bends over her. They begin to kiss. So sweet at first, then they become intense. Toby wants this. More than anything. His intensity and desire shocks Sabrina, but it only makes her more aroused. His hands cup her breast and then slide along her stomach. Soon, without hesitation, his hands finds its way underneath her long skirt. Toby’s hand and fingers discover her red, lacey, see-thru underwear shorts. He slips his fingers inside her, massaging. Working her up til she’s wet. His lips travel along her neck, kissing and biting. Toby lifts up Sabrina’s shirt and lowers her bra just enough so that he can suck on her breasts. He travels down her stomach and slowly unbuttons her skirt. He kisses right above her underwear and slowly drags them down. Sabrina’s breath catches . . . she’s scared. She had never been this close to someone before. Never this sexual. But oh how she wanted it. Before he could go further she lifted his head and said, “Lock the door.” He got up and locked the door, then returned to his deed – even more anxious now. Toby pulled her underwear and skirt down, just enough so that she could spread her legs. He placed his mouth along her vagina. He slowly rolled his tongue along her lips. A sensation washed along her. Electricity ran up her spine. Sabrina gasped with ecstacy. He placed his tongue deep inside her, tasting her very essence. Toby began to get hard with the desire to be so much deepier inside her in such a different way. But they couldn’t. Not here…not now…not at their age. He was so horny at that point. With her little groans and moans, sounds he wanted to know even more. Just as Sabrina was reaching the point of explosion, there came a knock at the door and they could here the knob twisting. The door never opened, Toby had locked it. But the naughtiness stopped when Sabrina was forced to answer the door. Their faced of innocence was still in tacked.

Ok…this is my first entry in erotica…please bear with me.

By PoeticChaos

I'm a girl. The only way i can express myself is thru art or writing. I think too much about a lot of things. That's all you need to know.