Fading Memories…


He smiled,looking up at the vast noisy city.Adjusting his dark sunglasses he admired the view.the tall buildings and skyscrapers engulfing the busy city.Noises of people and engines roaring was heard everywhere.Voices of the community filling the streets and shops.Everything seemed to be alive.Technology had truely evolved hadn’t it?To automoblies,transportation called airplanes and trains.To the ordinary household items.Japan had changed,it seems.It had made him feel somewhat old.He chuckled at himself.Quickly tightening the black scarf around his pale neck and resumed walking,placing his hands inside of his thick cotton trenchcoat.He shivered slightly and inhaled.It was cold and Autumn was quickly turning into winter.He exhaled.The smile never faded from his lips.
His home had changed rapidly.Nostalgia had overwhelmed him as he wandered,examining his surrounding.The cool breeze,brushing against his cheeks.Causing them to slightly redden.It wasn’t like the old days anymore.Back when he was young…No,that’s wrong…Back when he was truely alive.It all seemed to have lost the old traditions.Maybe not.From the old clothing confined of expensive and delicate fabrics such as silk.Very beautiful and lovely outfits once called Kimonos.
But that is all gone now.What remains are the fads that circulate through the young minds these days.New clothings,objects…Over the years the city has changed into something better,primative it may be,stunning in a way.He wasn’t expecting Japan to change.He expected for Japan to be the last country to change.Oh how wrong he was.As for visiting other countries,he has found Japan to be more advanced.Tokyo,Japan.It was good to be back home…For now.Somewhat like L.A he visited in America,big cities and crowded too.But Japan had definetly beaten L.A.He was glad he could experience this.from the 1800’s to the year 2003,the years were not compatible.He felt himself frown,but never stop walking.
Somehow this was not his home anymore.

By Griever

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