Fairy tale

so what is it im suppose to do?
start getting use to life without you?
should i give up all hope
know itll never be

never get to see
the day with you in it?
moving on isnt that easy
its not like i can say it and it be done
this is a battle
a war that cant be won
if only
if only i could stop the images
disembarrass my mind of our past, because i want it back
If you only knew how painful it is
perhaps you do
its imperceptible for me to think of life without you
its been arduous
for my mind to stop replaying you
trying to, not forget, but ease the pain away
baby could never forget you
and your ways
wouldnt want to forget you
i just want to stop the feeling of wanting to break into tears
stop thinking of my fears
of losing you
put feelings on hold, because i can’t touch you
fairy tale baby
thats what we are
more perfect than a masochist
and sadist
a fairy tale, even with the pain
a fairy tale, with distance to gain
so what is it im suppose to do?
no way in hell i could live life without you
not now