Fall to madness

The greatest sacrifice I had to make
It’s burning me up from inside
The hardest of choices I ever had to take
My soul got crushed,and thus,it died

With it’s last breath,my soul screamed for you
But you pretended you weren’t there
You smashed it under your feet,and you know that’s true
But do you even care?

In darkness you made me live
Nothing I wanted was ever free
All I’ve done for you is give
You enjoyed that tought,and took all from me

And as you watched me descend into my madness
My past mistake flashes before my eyes
You’ve made me an easy prey for the darkness
I can only hear myself,and all I hear are cries

You crushed every bit of humanity in my head
You laugh as you watch me become insane
For you there’s no difference if I’m dead
My body’s alive,but it has no more soul to contain

And as my soul drifts away
I’m regretting why I had to let it go
I won’t be here to see the next day
As I’ll be lying six feet below

By no_need_for_emotions

ain't worth SHIT this life