I am not your messiah – not your martyr.

I am not your angel – nor am I a demon.

I am not the taker of death – nor the giver of life.

I am not your lover – I am not your keeper.

I am not the one you kissed – I am not the one you hugged.

I am the not the you smiled at – I am the one you called sinner.

I am the light bearer – taker of the sinful

I am the one they call Lucifer – The one they call keeper of Hell.

I am not the giver of chasity – nor the giver of sanctuary.

I am the taker of peace – taker of tranquility

I am the giver of sensation – giver of temptation

Giver of lust – Giver of desire

I am your fallen one – your fallen truth.

I am your fallen one – your fallen muse.

I am your fallen one – fallen excuse.

By Maliciously Sinful

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