Fallen Angel

She looks like an angel
Her skin so pure and white
She looks so splendid and fragile
In her eyes there’s so much light.

But dressed in red
With wings so black
She looks so dead
And her halo seems to lack

That white pure innocence
Disappeared ’cause it’s red with blood, black with darkness
She knows that nothing in this life makes sense
And that she’ll never find happiness.

She reaches out her hand
Cold with decaying death
It took a long time for her to understand
That this was her last breath.

Death left a scar where life once was
And hope once white turned blood
All this just because
She somehow thought there was love

Running down her forehead
And then past her cheek
Her lost blood left her dead
The black hole she fell in left her bleak

The pain inside wasn’t fast to go
Down, down from heaven she fell
She fell so low
She thought she was going to hell

Hell was earth, damn right
Death and darkness, no light

Oh, what a lovely sight,
Lying beautifully on the ground
Bathed in this dark light
With crimson red all around

Her silk-like hair, black as night
Her crimson lips, cold as ice
Her clear skin, oh so white
She no longer is in Paradise

Her eyes once full of hope and life
No longer reflect the same joy
Instead they show only strife
Caused by only one boy

Hush, her eyes have closed, life has gone
She’s all alone, there is no one…

By LifeisDeath

I live Death...