Fallen Angel

Showing the records to the
never practiced nature
the holy name forsaken
to the unmarked picture

Leaving a trail of feathers
in my steady sway
casting a shadow on the
everlasting day
plowing through the
pile of wicked souls
all at once im thinking
what my future holds
would I always wounder
through these broken dreams
or maybe could I
do more then what it seems.
Cruelties are a
are a honest key
a hate so shared
between the world and me
Why i feel this
you could never know
you cant feel it with your hands
not even with your soul.
I met you at eleven
through the shattered hope
took you in my heart
you threw me in a hole.
I bet you hurt when
when you fell that day
bet it hurt when
you fell from heavens grace.

~~~ RaVin_A|ex ~~~

By RaVinAleX

My name is Jessica but there are too many god damn Jessica's so ppl call me Alex because my middle name is Alexandria. I m bisexual, and just ggot out of a long term relationship. I HATE preppy ppl and am currently into making vidoes of the crazy shit that me and my friends do. I live in Ohio, a very boring place that could just use sum freakish attention. and thats why im here.