Feel the pain,
Feel the fucking love,
Sitting in the rain,
Is it even real?
Or am I just imagining it?
Caught between reality and fantasy,
Just don’t care,
Just wanna go home,
Just shut up!
I’ll just sit here in life’s residue,
Let the depression grow,
The happiness dissappear,
Sleeping every waking moment,
Living in each dream,
Just stay away,
Just forget,
Just kill me,
Going over the stars,
The bullet will find its place in my skull,
The pain will end,
My life will begin again,
Will it ever end?
Never will see it again,
Life is againest it,
Agony is my best friend,
“God” is just sitting back and laughing at me,
Screaming inwards,
Silent outwards,
Falling forever in this blank void.

By Vash

I don't give a shit about anyone or anything. I may seem like an asshole online but thats because im the opposite in reality and sick of shit that goes on there. The internet is kind a fantasy world for me where I can be who I am. So if you don't like me....FUCK YOU.