I looked back at my friends who seemed to look at me in some wierd authentic way. Their faces a-glow from the moonlight. I walked deeper into the dark tunnel, wondering what awaited me at the end……………

It grew darker, and I grew more worried. For such darkness was darker than any darkness I’ve ever experienced. She said I had to do this in order to find out. I wondered all my life and finally I get to figure out such impossibility….but I’m too afriad to face the truth. The truth behind all truth of the world. The opening of hell’s hole.

The darkness wrapped it’s deadly wings around my frightened body and appeared to be choking me. My friends cried out to me…………though I could not hear them. They called and called and called………

Bang! Bang!

What was that noise? I looked around though I knew I could see nothing.

“Wwwho’s there?” I called out frightened.

Silence passed.

“Get out of there!! Get out!!” my friends yelled.

I swung around and ran toward them. But it seemed every step I took was making me slower and further away from them. My head spun………my thoughts raced…….my heart beat out of my chest…..

Suddenly, I felt the sensation I was falling. Falling down, down, down into a bottomless black hole. What lie ahead? A tiny light became clear. It came closer and closer and closer and closer as I realized it was the opening to hell……….

By BuLiMiC

Hello, my name is LB.