Falling Into Hell

Holding on with the last bit of strength in my body… everyone i love is above me, helpless, staring with desparation in their eyes. I know what’s pulling me down, it’s my heart… feels as if it’s made of iron. So heavy, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.

So afraid to look down, but, my burning curiousity takes over. Tilting my head to look over my shoulder, I stare into hundreds of little eyes. Wide-eyed glares seem to burn holes in me. Some are smiling at me. All little children. Some are so covered in blood, all I can make out is the the whites of their eyes and their gleaming teeth. Others, stand on mounds of dead rotting bodies, out of the pools of blood. babies, not crying, just crawling frantically around below me. Some, chewing on their own ambilical cords. Many, undeveloped fetuses, no eyes, fingers, just squirming among the others. The older children stood farther away from me. Toddlers, just playing with random body parts of other human beings. In cradles, screaming and fighting to escape the cages filled with needs, maggits… Kids, covered in unhealed cuts from head to toe, playing with broken bottles. Off in the distance I noticed some that looked like teenagers, bodies suspended from the trees by ropes around their necks, seemingly lifeless, but I could hear their sobs and endless wailing just barely above everything else. Others of the teens sat under the trees, slits in their arms from elbows to the palms of their hands, just sitting, staring blankly at the blades in their hands, knives, razors… All of a sudden, everyone took their eyes off of me, and their own personal distractions, and looked to a pool of blood in the center of everything. All those around it, backed away. many of the kids were unable to walk due to the fact that they were missing limbs. Some walked out on infected nubs where their legs should have been. Decapitated bodies stumbled around. I watched, and I smiled a preciouse little girl who grinned at me. She looked about 7, blonde pig tails, no front teeth. She didnt belong here. I waited for her to walk out of the pool that she was standing neck deep in. Then, she tilted her head to the side, way too far, she wasn’t in the pool, just on the bank. There was no body hidden in the blood. I just watched as her head rolled quietly behind the crowd of tiny walking corpses. The crimson pond was still, it was silent. Then bubbles began to appear. Not just air bubbles, it was boiling. The horrid oder of seared blood rose over the rest of the putrid smells. This, must be satan himself, come to pull me free from the ledge I was still grasping.

By twisti

I have problems, but every once in a while something happens that makes me want to get down on my knees and thank God that I'm alive. Those few moments when I'm truly happy, makes putting up with all this shit worth it.