family ties

I know i shouldn’t have done what I did… But I already knew it was too late for regret. Besides, he shouldn’t have killed Taylor in the first place.

I look up from my spot on the floor… on my knees, looking up at a knife through the chest of my dear departed Taylor. Mommy said that it was wrong to do the nasty, but I couldn’t help my urges. The urge to seduce men over and over again. The urge to indulge in pleasure… and pain.

To bad my brother was such a mommas boy… I might have spared his ass…I still was knelt next to his now cold corpse. But what to do, mommy was going to be home soon and here lay her mutalated offspring. He was so set on keeping the “family together” and “preserving” my innocence. Thats what mommy always told him. Mommy only cared about sewing and god. Thats all.

Oh! what do I do!? I could see his pants now wet from the piss recently dispersed from his bladder. Maybe i could tuck his body away somewhere.. and pretend it never happened. But what about Taylor.

I continued to stare at my brother… His cold flesh and now speechless mouth were slightly appealing. I felt myself grow aroused. All those dirty things mommy forbid as a child… now lay at my feet.

I pulled off his pants and mounted him.. His cock still warm.. I began to ride him… just as my orgasim was reached i heard a car door slam. Mommy was home.

She walked in. “I told you to take out the garbage!” She said to me. “Oh mommy im so sorry,” i said as i lay across my brothers body. She hadnt even noticed it till i mentioned it. ” Hes dead?” she asked. I nodded. ” Well we will have to get rid of this… and keep the family together. Come now.. get dressed and we will bury it out back.”

I met her out back minutes later. ” I told you not to do the nasty… you little whore.” she said as she bludgened me with a shovel.

I came to moments later… but dispite my efforts i couldnt open my eyes. Mommy really loved sewing. I could hear her voice faintly as i heard the shovel scraped the ground. ” Got to keep the family together!” Mommy NO. I screamed, tears of blood streamed through my sewn lids. I felt dirt being thrown onto my face. “got to keep the family together” she repeated. I began to suffocate on the dirt. I continued to plead beg and cry, but it did no good.

She had completly covered the body. She walked back into the house and set the shovel on the table. And poured her self a glass of lemonade. ” Got to keep the family together”