Fantastic sex once again

Aspen had been horny all day long, Rob had been textin her with dirty messages about what he’s do to her if she wore her school uniform. Befor she set off she thought he definetly deserved the Uniform, so she chose her Special thong, slipped into her short tarten skirt, buttoned up her blouse then set off…

She arrived at robs around 5.00pm, then went straight upstairs into his bedroom. She knew he’d be in the shower, so she checked herself out in the mirror, incase she’s not up to schoolgirl standard, then she walked over and sat upon his bed, comfortably..A minute or two later, someone entered the room, it was rob, he’d just come out the shower, and he’s only wearing a towel…Hmmm..She’s gettin horny again, she pretends to focus on the floor, as he put his boxers on…
They both knowe they’re going to fuck one another tonite, she lays down on the bed, Rob sittin on the windowsilol finishing his cigerette, whilst scattering his eyes up and down her blouse, moving down towards her thighs, then back up to her eyes.She knew he loved this uniform, the short skirt, the tight blouse, he was in heaven. Rob came over to her and sat beside Aspen, and leant over her to kiss her soft lips.
He then begins to kiss her neck, he knows this really turns her on, she tells him to stop…
“Ive got something to show you” Aspen whispers
She stands up takes her tights off, slips her skirt to the ground and reveals a black,lace,see-through skirt, and black thong, He can see her thighs, and he gets hard wanting to be inside her.
She then sits on top of him with one leg either side, he unbuttons her blouse, then she stands up again to slip the skirt and thong off, then lies with her back flat beside him.
Rob climbs over her thigh inbetween her legs and kisses her neck, again but this time lickin and suckin too. Aspen starts feeling very horny, as he goes down towards her breasts and sucks them, he licks his way down towards her pussy.What a surprise she’s shaved it all off. He starts to lick her thigh, to tease her, he wants her as wet as possible.
He starts to flick her clit with his tongue, whilst fingering her at the same time, she was going to come, so he stopped, she moaned for him, she wanted him inside her now.
He placed the head of his cock and teased her clit with it, then he slid inside her hard,Aspen moved up the bed, so he would hit the spot for her..Rob had fully consumed himself inside her, breathing heavily into one anothers mouth, he began to thrust harder inside her, she tightnened up her muscles around his hard cock, Aspen was ready to come, she let out a loud moan, and rob followed…they had made amazing love with each other….That was another night of fantastic sex,they could remember forever….